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Our Farm, Our Tools

At Millican Farms our approach to growing centers around our climate controlled growing areas.  We have an indoor vertical farm and a propagation area that are 100% climate and humidity controlled.  They allow us to propagate large numbers of plants and to grow select crops to maturity, year-round.   Outside, our nearly 14,000 sq.ft. of greenhouses stretch the outdoor growing seasons to the max by utilizing active geothermal and "climate battery" systems to augment conventional methods of heating and cooling.



The Land

Our farm is on a compact 2.7Ac plot located just south of College Station in the historic small town of Millican, Texas.  Because of our proximity to Texas A&M, we are able to utilize the decades of trials and research that have been done there to select the very best cultivars for growing here in our unique climate. 


Propagation Room

We grow a vast majority of our plants from seed.  In fact, we do it whenever we can.  For the times that we can't, we use micro-propagation techniques like cloning, grafting and tissue culture propagation to bring hard to breed plants to our customers in the Brazos Valley and beyond!



Vertical Farm

Our indoor farm enables us to reliably grow temperature, pest and disease sensitive crops to maturity year-round.  Growing vertically, we maximize the yield while minimizing both the physical and carbon footprints of our indoor crops.  We grow twelve varieties of microgreens and minigreens vertically, as well as 30+ varieties of mature salad greens and culinary herbs.  We can also "grow-to-order" hard to find crops like edible flowers, heirloom and specialty tomatoes, difficult to source peppers, and culinary herbs for chefs and grocers and wheatgrass, petgrass and fodder for health, pet and livestock stores.  Contact us with your grow-to-order inquiries!



Greenhouses extend the outdoor growing seasons to the limit!  Ours utilize active geothermal and "climate battery" technology to regulate the interior temperature of the greenhouses using a minimal amount of energy.  Automatic drip "fertigation" allows us to save water and more efficiently feed our almost 14,000 sq.ft. of greenhouse grow space.

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